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Doctor Practice Management System

Doctor Practice Management System is a web based application for doctors to maintain their clinic. This software is very easy to operate and light on system tool to maintain information about Doctor, Patient, Schedule, Routines etc.

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Here are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing Doctor Practice Management System.

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Doctor Practice Management System is provided "as is". Customizing code and other design related issues can be done as freelance work, for script customizations send me a message via Envato Market.

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Doctor Practice Management System Installation

Server Requirements

  • Local Server XAMPP, WAMP, AMPPS or any Apache with PHP and MySQL server.
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled
  • Live server (preferably a sub-domain).

Quickstart Installation

Doctor Practice Management System comes with a Web Installation Page. Once your environment is ready, follow this quick guide:

  • Download a copy of Doctor Practice Management System from Envato Market.
  • Extract the file DPMS-[VERSION]-.zip to htdocs folder in XAMPP or www folder in WAMP or Upload it as ZIP file if installing to your Online Server using FTP and remember to Extract it to a folder on your Live Server.
  • Open your favourite MySQL Administration tool e.g PHPMyAdmin and create a database Example: DPMS
  • Open your favorite browser and type in the address bar http://your-domain.com/FOLDERNAME
  • Enter your MySQL host, Database Name, MySQL Username and Password. Then Click on Install Advocate
  • On next screen Register a Admin for application using Name, Username, Password and Email
  • Login using admin and password admin
  • If you can't access the login page or get an error "No file input selected" check your .htaccess file and that Mod_Rewrite is enabled.

System Settings

The following settings available on Doctor Management System are explained according to how they are grouped in the script.

General Settings

Notification Settings

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